Social Activities

         The Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University operates a sports club that includes 12 sports (football, volleyball, handball, basketball, judo, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, table tennis, chess, etc.). Members of the Sports Club have always been selected for their achievements

At the same time, there is a 51 year-old history of the university and the ensemble "Ganjlik" and Dance Ensemble, the sole "People's Ensemble". The ensemble represented our country and university at the highest level in a number of European countries (Germany, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey) as well as in Korean festivals and returned to the homeland with high achievements. The ensemble has won either a winner or a second place in all the country's festivals. The Youth and Dance Ensemble won the title of the country's first professional in 2016.

     ASOIU Theater Club (ATC) also operates at the University. Talented students present their performances systematically to the university community.

It works in the "Magnet" Intellectual Club and ASOIU Debate Club, which contributes to the intellectual development of our students. The intellectual magazine "Magnet" includes "Who? Where? When? ", "Brain Ring "and" Khamsa" tournaments and regularly organizes intellectual competitions within the university.  "Debate Club" helps our students to formulate and justify a flimsy and clear speech, hold championships weekly and at the same time participate in domestic tournaments and achieve high results.

     She has been working at the "Merry and Witty Club" (MWC)  since 2016. Despite the fact that no one has been created for the club, AzNeft has already won the title of country champion.