IT Club


     ASOIU IT Club provides free IT trainings for university students. The internationally-recognized Oracle Academy, Cisco Academy and Micro Academy have been registered within this club. Students are involved in academies and hold trainings. The trainings will be held in the Academy with the participation of international certified specialists from companies operating in Azerbaijan. Depending on the training materials, trainings cover 8, 12, 16, and 24 lessons. Each semester provides 120 students with the opportunity to receive international certificates by the end of these trainings.


     These exercises are intended for the formation of fundamental knowledge in students. In the next academic year, more advanced trainings are organized for current students. Most of the exercises are held on Saturdays so students can complete their commitment to university classes. However, students benefit from the ASOIU IT Club Center at their leisure time to perform laboratory work. At the same time, a small library at the IT Club is being established to enable students to use technical literature at their leisure time. At the IT Club, trainings on six areas (Linux, Oracle, Microsoft Server, Web programming, Network Management, Programming) are currently underway.