Faculty of Chemical Technology

General information


There are 1 academician, 20 professors, 69 associate professors, 18 senior teachers and assistants work in the faculty. At present day,  there are 831 full-time, 64 part-time   students in the Faculty of Chemical Technology.


Since 2016 there is rolled up scientific research laboratory by order of ASOİU  principal  "New chemical materials and technology".  The laboratory is headed by PhD of chemistry, professor Vaqif Lachın Baghiyev. İn the laboratory 36 employees are worked.


The history of faculty


The training of chemical engineers at the ASOIU had began since   chemistry 1921  as a chemical department in the faculty of "Petroleum industry", since 1934 in "Petroleum technology", since 1940 in "Chemical technology". Since the establishment of the faculty of the oil refining and petrochemistry industry  approximately 18000 chemcal-engineer-technologists are prepared since 1981.  Last years, for 54 world countries were prepared 332 bachelors, 326 masters and 33 PhDs.


The dean and dean`s deputies


The dean of chemical  technology faculty is  - Hashimov Abdulla Fatdah

Fatdah Abdulla Hashimov was born in Aliyetmez country of Imihsli region on the 1st  June  in 1952. He finished 1 numbered secondary school in the city of Kurdamir. In 1968 he entered to the Chemical technology faculty in Petro-chemistry Institute named by  M. Azizbeyov (at the present moment it is called Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University  «ASOIU»). In 1973 he graduated the specialization of «Main organic synthesis and technology of petro-chemical synthesis» of the same university.

During 1973-1983 years he had worked in various positions in Sumgayit «SR» plant.  While 1983-1988 years he had got graduate studies in«Inorganic and physical chemistry» institution of Azerbaijan National Scientific Academy and after defending his dissertation work  in 1988 he was awarded the name of  chemical sciences` candidate.  Since  1990 he worked as an scientific worker in  research laboratory of «Physical chemistry»  department in «Azerbaijan State Oil Academy» (present "ASOIU"), during 1995-2016 years, he worked as an associate professor in the same department.Since 1990, "Azerbaijan State Oil Academy" (present "ASOIU"), "Physical chemistry" research department laboratory as an  researcher,  from 1995 until 2016, he worked as an associate professor in the same department. Since  2015 he had acted the position of dean in the faculty of  «Chemical technology»

He had received the Scientific Doctor degree  from High Attestation Comission under the Azerbaijan Republic President`s  on the 5th of February in 2016.

He is an author of more than 95 scientific publications, furthermore one patent, 4 methodical guidebooks.




Untill 2009/2010 cirrucilum year in the faculty we have the following directions : 1. «Chemical technology », 2. «Ecology and the usage of the nature » and  3. «Safety of life activity», from 2009/2010 cirrucilum year  1. «Chemical engineering », 2. «Ecological  engineering » 3. « Emergencies and  safety of life activity» and 11 undergraduate trainings are implemented with specialization in the credit system. Master's training is carried out in Faculty by 3 directions: 1. "Chemical technology" 2. "Ecology and the usage of nature" and 3. "Safety of life activity ".


The faculty is attached in 4 general and 4 special purpose  departments, 7 curriculum, 6 challenges and Russian "Lukoil" company founded by "physical and chemical analysis methods," the central laboratory. Since 2016, 2 directions; "Chemical engineering" and "Environmental Engineering" highly qualified engineers are prepared.


Departments: In  February of 2016 existent 7 departments have been joining got the following departments:


  • «Chemistry and technology of inorganic substances»
  • «Organic substances and technology of high molecules compounds»
  • «Petrochemical technology and industrial ecology» 


Besides  the department of «Public sciences» has operated within our faculty.

There are 4 tutors at the “Faculty of Chemical technology”


  1.   İlqar Kamil Qadimov 
  2.   Famil Bayram Aghayev
  3.   Dinara Valyaddin Ahmadova
  4.   Farqana Chingiz Hasanova 


There are 43 employees, in addition, 2 professors, 2 PhD, 25 assocciate professors, 1 assistant and 13 laboratorians worked at the department « Organic substances and technology of high molecules compounds ».


There are 48 employees, in addition, 8 professors, 21 assocciate professors worked at the department of «Petrochemical technology and industrial ecology»


The department of «Public sciences»  is consists of 18 employees, in addition,1 professor, 2PhD, 3 main teachers and 13 teachers.


At the department 4 commutable teachers also works.  Curiculum adjuvant  staff  is consists of 2 people.