Faculty of Oil and Gas Production

Brief historical background


The Faculty of Oil and Gas Production, which is one of the leading faculties of ASOIU, has been implementing the staff training since 1920. The Faculty was called “Oil and Industry” in 1920-1930, “Mining” in 1930-1936, “Mining and Oil Technology” in 1936-1940 and “Oil and Mining” in 1940-1979. It has been functioning as the Faculty of Oil and Gas Production since 1979. Rectors of ASOIU in different years, prominent scientists such as Academician L.S. Leibenzon, N.S. Uspensky, A.R. Serebrovsky, Professor B.S. Dobrovsky, academicians A.Kh. Mirzajanzade, S.M. Guliyev, M.P. Guluzade, professors, M.V. Abramovich, G.A. Ibatulov, K.B. Shahbazbeyov, Z.M. Ahmadov and others took an active part and contributed to the development of the Faculty.


Since the day it was established, the Faculty has trained over 23000 oil engineers, more than 5000 Bachelors and up to 500 Masters.


Current structure and activity of the Faculty on education levels


As an integral part of the purposeful and serious reforms carried out at ASOIU, the Faculty and its departments have experienced structural changes. For the first time, the staff training has started to be conducted in English along with Azerbaijani and Russian sectors. Thus, starting from the 2016/2017 academic year, students were admitted to study in English at the faculty "Oil and Gas Engineering", and from 2019/2020 - "Logistics and Transport Technologies Engineering".


The following departments currently function under the Faculty


  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage
  • Industrial Safety and Labor Protection
  • Azerbaijani Language


The Faculty conducts the training of specialists on the credit system in the following areas. Specializations of the Faculty are illustrated in the table. 


  • 050606 – “Oil and Gas Engineering”
  • 050607 – “Oil and Gas Equipment Engineering”
  • 050651 – “Emergency Situations and Life Activity Safety”
  • 050658 - "Logistics and Transportation Technology Engineering"


DepartmentsSpecializations (by code and name)
Oil and Gas Engineering050606  “Oil and Gas Engineering”
Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage

050607  “Oil and Gas Equipment Engineering”

050658 - "Logistics and Transportation Technology Engineering"

Industrial Safety and Labor Protection050651 – “Emergency Situations and Life Activity Safety”


The total number of staff members is 114 people, including 12 professors, 49 associate professors, 7 senior lecturers, 5 lecturers, 16 assistants and 25 teaching assistants.


Currently, at the 3rd level of education through Ph.D. the Faculty has 35 people studying to receive the academic degree of Ph.D. in technology and 34 people enrolled to become a Doctor of Sciences. 16 of them major in 2525.01 – “Development and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Fields”, 9 people in 2523.01 – “Well Drilling Technology”, 13 people in 3354.01 – “Construction and Exploitation of Oil and Gas Pipelines, Bases and Storages”.


At present, 1600 people, including 119 international students study at the Faculty for a Bachelor’s degree. 1493 (110 internationals) of them are full-time students, 107 (9 internationals) are part-time students.


Dean of the Faculty of Oil and Gas Production 


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gafar Ismayilov 


Contact number


+994 12 498 88 46