Faculty of Oil and Gas Production

Brief historical background

“Oil and Gas Production” being one of the leading faculties of ASOİU carried out staff training since 1920.The faculty was called “Oil and Industry” in 1920-1930, “Mining” in 1930-1936, “Mining and Oil technology” in 1936-1940, “Oilfield” in 1940-1979.Since 1979 it was named “Oil and Gas Production”. In the development of the faculty influenced rectors and notable academicians who worked at various times as Leybenzon L.S, Uspenskiy N.S, Serebroviskiy A.R., prof Dobroviskey B.S, academisians Mirzejanzadeh A.X , Guliyev S.M, Guluzadeh M.P, professors Abramovich M.V, Ibatulov Q.A, Shahbazbayov K.B, Akhmedov Z.M and others .

Since its establishment, there were trained more than 23000 oil-engineers, 4500 bachelors and 500 masters.


Current structure of the faculty and educational levels of activity

As a part of purposeful and serious reforms conducted at ASOIU in the faculty and its departments have been made structural changes, for the first time training of personnel have been begun in the English language besides Azerbaijan and Russian sectors.

Thus, starting from the academic year 2016/2017 to the priority specialty of the faculty “Oil and Gas engineering” have been admitted 20 students to study in English.


Currently the following departments are conducted in the faculty:


  • Oil - Gas engineering;
  • Oil - Gas transportation and storage;
  • Industrial safety and labor protection;
  • Azerbaijan language;


In the faculty the following specialties are conducted by the credit system.The departments and specialization of the faculty are shown in the table.


1. 050606 – “Oil and Gas engineering”

2. 050607 – “Oil and Gas equipment engineering”

3. 050651 – “Emergency and security of life”


Oil - Gas engineering050606 - «Oil and Gas engineering»

Oil - Gas transportation and storage

050607 - «Oil and Gas equipment engineering»

Industry safety and labor protection

050651 – “Emergency and security of life”
Azerbaijan language 


At the department of Oil Gas engineering Oil –Gas engineering cognitive specialty, at the department of Oil gas transportation and storage 050607- Oil-gas equipment engineering, at the department of Industry safety and labor protection -0506051-Emergency and security of life.


The total staff of the faculty consist of 114 employees, including 12 professor, 49 assistant professor,7 head teacher,5 teacher,16 assistant and 25 teaching assistant staff. Academic staff according to departments was shown on 3 rd slide.


Currently at the faculty on the 3 rd step of education 35 people are studying PhD, 34 people Doctor of Science.16 students of them studing on 2525.1 "Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields" specialty, 9 people 2523.01-"Well drilling technology " and 13 people 3354.01- "Oil and gas pipelines, bases and construction and operation of reservoirs" specialities.


Currently at the faculty 1147 students studies at bachelor’s degree, including 171 foreingners.1016 of them studies full time (144 foreigner) ,131 part time (27foreigner). Currently at the bachelor’s degree of the faculty studies 1147 students(171foreigner).1016 students (144 foreigner ) studies full time 131 (27 foreigner) part time.