Faculty of Geological Exploration

About Geological-exploration faculty

Training of specialists on geology and exploration of oil-gas and other mineral deposits started at the department of mining of “Oil industry” faculty since 1920, but since 1936 it has been operating as “Geological-exploration” faculty. Since its establishment it has been training specialists on geolog engineer, geophysical engineer, hydrogeological engineer specialties.

Since the foundation day 10 thousands engineers, hundreds of masters have been trained at the University. At present specialists on the following specialities are trained at bachelor stage.


050602 – “Geological Engineering“

One of the primary and main specialities of GEF is 050602 “ Geological Engineering “. Training of corresponding disciplines meeting modern requirements and providing personnel preparation has been given wide place. Application of mathematical methods, theory of probability and other precise sciences, computer technologies at the training process makes possible to grow up high-educated competitive specialists. The goal of the department to train personnel meeting modern requirements at various levels of oil-gas geology field. The graduates of the department are the specialists dealing with the problems of oil-gas geology in the field of distribution of hydrocarbons on the Earth crust and regularities of field organization, their search, exploration and development.


050603 - “ Hydrogeology Engineering “

Specialists trained on this speciality are taught the features to work independently on underground water search, exploration, their correspondence to be fresh and usable in the natural economy, thermal and mineral waters,hydrochemical compositions of underground waters and salinization, choice of the regime characteristics at the exploitation process, protection of underground waters, pollution and calculation of underground water reserves.


050604 - “ Geophysics Engineering “

It is the collection of precise methods determining geological structure of the Earth crust and the place of minerals using various physical fields, mathematical models and computer technology, at all stages of exploration and exploitation of minerals, especially oil-gas fields.


050605 - “ Mining Engineering “

Training of bachelors and masters is carried out on 060506 “ Mining Engineering “ and 050508 “Geology “ specialities. The department has relations with International Mining Operation Company of USA RV Investment LTD Companies Group, “ Azinterexplosure X “ LTD, Russian Federation Moscow Mining University, Yekaterenburg Mining- Geological University, Germany Frayberg Technical University. Students, distinguished at training process have practices at the objects of International Mining Operation Company ( IMOC ), Gedebey Gold- Silver, Gosha Gold, Dashkesan Iron Ore and “Azinterexplosure – X “ LTD –s and work on the graduate and master dissertation works concerning organization and carrying out of production processes at this objects.8 students of the department get the scholarship of Mining Operation Company.  The department trains personnel at bachelor and master stages on the field of open and underground development of mineral fields on Mining Engineering Speciality.


050508 - “ Geology “

Azerbaijan is known rich on ore and non-ore deposits reserves in North Caucasus and Near East. Considering Azerbaijan’s great potential in the opening of new fields side –by –side with rich ore deposits great demand on the training of  specialized personnel, a new speciality – 050508 “ Geology “ has been functioning at the geology department of ASOIU since September, 2012 by the special order of Education Ministry.

The goal of the “ Geology “ speciality is to train specialists on Sedimentology, Minerology , Petrography and Geochemistry fields important in the exploration of ore and non-ore deposits and organization of mining works in the Republic.

At present 1004 students study at day-time and extra-mural departments on five specialities at the faculty : 960 of them are the students of day-time and 34 – are the students of extra-mural department.

There are 5 foreign students in the department. The departments included into the faculty are the followings :

The chairs of “Oil and gas geology”, “Geo-physics”, “Geology and development of mineral deposits” and “Foreign languages-2” are functioning in this faculty.

One academician, one corresponding member of ANAS,4 professors, 35 assistant professors, 8 senior teachers, 10 assistants, 26 teachers and 21 training–subsidiary staff work in this faculty.


“Oil and gas geology”-the head of the chair is assistant professor Mais Sarkar Babayev. Here one corresponding member of ANAS, one advisor professor, 12 assistant professors, one senior teacher, 4 assistants and 7 training subsidiary staff work.


“Geophysics” – the head of the chair is professor is Seyidov Vaqif Mirhamzah . 1 academician, 2 professors, 5 assistant professors, 3 assistants and 2 training–subsidiary staff work in this chair.


“Geology and development of mineral deposits”- the head of the chair is assistant professor Ismayilov Rasim Teymur 1 advisor professor, 14 assistant professors, 1 senior teacher, 3 assistants and 9 training subsidiary staff work in this chair.

“Foreign languages -2”- the head of the chair is assistant professor Aliyeva Beyim-khanim Boyukaga. 4 assistant professor, 6 senior teachers, 26 teachers and 3 training-subsidiary staff work in this chair.

“Physical properties of rocks in mineral deposits SRL (scientific research laboratory)” is functioning attached to the faculty. The director of the laboratory is Doctor of sciences Hasanov Adalat Badal and there are 14 employees.

“Mineralogical Museum” is functioning at the faculty. The director of the museum is Associate Professor Agamehdi Mirhashim Aghayev.

There are 7 employees in the GKF's dean's office: the dean, the deputy dean, and 5 tutors.