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Book exhibition organized at ASOIU Fundamental library

The Fundamental library of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University organized its next book exhibition in relation to the start of the new academic year. The exhibition featured a variety of books and journals in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, covering technical, socio-political and artistic areas. Readers may find the books in the reading room.

Below is the list of exhibited books:


Azerbaijani-Arabic phrase book. 2017

Pablo Neruda. “Twenty poems of love”. Poem 20. 2017

Bayramov. “Heydar Aliyev and historical science of Azerbaijan”. 2014

Saul Bellow. “Herzog”. 2013

Heinrich Böll. “Two novels”. 2013

T.G. Jabbarov, G.H. Rzayeva. “Quality management system”. 2017

Charles Dickens. “Oliver Twist”. 2014

World dramaturgy. Vol. I. 2014

Ahmadov. “Development strategy of education in Azerbaijan”. 2010

N.B. Ahmadov. “Ranking of higher education institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan – 2014”. 2014

Ahmadova. “Heydar Aliyev and literary historical process”. 2013

Asgarov. “Education: yesterday, today, tomorrow”. 2003

Anthology of Arabic literature. 2015

Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Selected works. 2011

S.Z. Goyushov. “Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis”. 2017

Jorje Luis Borges. Selected works. 2014

Ibrahimov. “Dealing with emergency complications and oil, gas and water manifestations while drilling oil and gas wells offshore and onshore”. 2017

Collection of subject programs for Master’s degree taught at the Department of Heat Power Engineering. 2017

K.M. Abdullayev, J.P. Mammadova, S.N. Nasirov, S.S. Babayev, G.K. Abdullayeva. “Auxiliary equipment for combined heat and power plants”. 2017

Anthology of world literature, 20th century. Vols. I, II, III. 2011

Oe Kenzaburo. Selected works. 2014

Imre Kertesz. “Fateless”. 2017

“Man, woman and an umbrella”. 2017

Stephen King. Selected works. 2017

Anthology of Latin American literature. 2015

S.A. Mammadkhanova, A.A. Hasanov. “Production processes and equipment of liquid hydrocarbon gases”. 2017  

N.Y. Mammadov, A.M. Musayev. Higher mathematics course. II part. 2017

N.A. Mammadova, S.A. Mammadkhanova, M.A. Huseynova. “Chemistry and technology of organic substances based on gas raw materials”. 2017

Mardanov. “Azerbaijani education: successful results of reforms, 2009-2010”. 2010

Mardanov. “Azerbaijani education in a new development stage”. 2009

François Mauriac. Selected works. 2013

S.J. Osmanov, F.K. Vazirov. “History and methodology of electrical engineering”. 2017

Pryakhin. “Khazar dreams”. 2017

François Rabelais. “Gargantua and Pantagruel”. 2014

Françoise Sagan. Selected works. 2014

A.A. Hasanov, M.S. Atayev, A.S. Huseynov, K.A. Gazvini. “Theoretical basics of technological processes”. 2017

Anthology of Turkish literature. 2017

Yury Trifonov. Selected works. 2017

Thomas Wolfe. Selected works. 2017

Literary almanac of young writers “New word”. 2017

Emil Zola. Selected works. 2017